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This is what sense I can make out of it..
I do these little things.
I say these little things.
Hoping to spark a little jealousy.
So that maybe.
You’re reminded that I do have more options.
So maybe, you’ll appreciate me more.
And you won’t take me for granted.
And I’m not saying you do, but just incase you’re about to..
And hopefully, you’ll just end up holding me tighter.
Securing your grip.
Realizing that you do need to make that extra effort.
Even if I say I’m here to stay.
Just to show me that I’m worth the hassle.
And that even though you know I’m not going anywhere.. You’re not willing to take the risk.
And you’re willing to have me closer just for the hell out it.

And just maybe, I like the idea of you having to fight for me. But I won’t push it, at least for now ;)


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