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Hello world,

It has been a while. A very long while. The thoughts never ended. They are hidden now behind the thick covers of my diary disguised by messy handwriting. But also mostly in the memories of those special souls that have stayed by my side through the long days over the fast years.

Am I the same? I believe so, still true to my roots. I just know myself better.. I know which buttons to press and when to close the door to the darkness that I never want to be lost in again.

I am happy, or more so content. Happiness is a journey, and not a destination. A feeling that comes in extremities and some days where it is lost in the air ready to find me again.

I am still on the path of success that will take handfuls of years to still reach.. but knowing me I’ll never reach the final location, continually making stops that will only add to my growth.

The people I wrote about in these past posts are still part of my life, the bond still available, just never tapped into anymore.

Life happens.

I understand now that sometimes you just have to loosen the grip.

You, however, are still my favourite character.

And the red hearts are still present.

And I still seek the snowflakes and the pink nose.

I hope to visit more often.

– intersoul x


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