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Sick and tired of people commenting on the rights of wearing a hijab/burqa or not.

Sick and tired of people calling Muslims and their beliefs ”backward and uneducated”

Sick and tired of the implications and accusations

Sick and tired of the discrimination

Sick and tired of the lies

Simple advice: Before you go and accuse Muslims for being terrorist, or shall I say vice versa, accuse terrorist for being Muslims. Go and do your research!

Find out the true meaning of Islam.

And differentiate between culture and religion, because believe me, they are not the same thing! Culture has gone to the extent that it over rules religion, culture is quite different from religion! Culture is man made..

And the whole deal with criticizing the religion, why not criticize what terrorist claim to stand for instead. Find out what Islam really stands for and then compare it to the beliefs of these so called Muslims and then conclude if what they truly stand for is equivalent to what Islam stands for.

This has gone too far, its being exaggerated too much, and its just annoying.

It’s annoying that people choose to be so ignorant.